Among the most important things a customer will look for when selecting a service or product is the value for money, total cost and how it stands up to the competition. There are a lot of ways you can research the “value” of a business by doing your own studies. But there are not many of us who have the time or patience to trawl through facts, figures and trials.

Online Reviews

Online reviews provide an instant snapshot of how well a business is performing. From one quick look through testimonials and reviews, one can find out if there were any complications that arose through the service, faults with a product or bad customer service.
Customer service is of paramount importance to a client when choosing a service provider or product. How does the business deal with a customer complaint and what lengths it will go to if a problem does occur?
It is a known fact that nearly 90 per cent of customers filter products or services using the drop down feature “Sort – Price, Low to High”. Often, we will dismiss the ones as being too cheap it’s not going to be the one we want, so a reasonably priced product is essential that offers quality and a good customer experience is what all businesses should aim for.

Leaving Reviews Is Becoming Ever More Popular

It may not sound good news to a business that what inclines customers most to leave a review is right after a bad experience has occurred. If it has been a standard, smooth and satisfactory experience, then we don’t tend to see that many reviews telling us so.
E commerce studies have revealed more than half of all customers will seek out reviews from past clients to see how a business model shapes up. If there is a high level of poor customer experience seemingly going on, then most will run to the hills and look elsewhere, but they do tend to use perspective as well.
You will quickly find there are a number of companies and businesses displaying a fair share of bad reviews, but the good ones should be read too. A five-star review alongside a one-star experience means the first reviewer had a marvelous and trouble-free service from that business. And always remember that users’ reviews are a proven driver for selling, and something most consumers will want to look at before buying.